A message from our President and CEO

PHASE 4 Learning Center was founded with the origins of facing inequality within the justice system and ending a school to prison pipeline.  At the very core of our mission is giving youth an opportunity for an exceptional education by recognizing the need for change.  While it is said that change occurs at the ballot box, it first must begin within each of us.  Each one of us has the power to bring about the change that is needed; the change that is long over due; the change that is vital for life.  We can bring about this change through peace with impenetrable strength.

We recognize the frustration and pain that many of our students and families are feeling, and we stand committed as an organization to fighting systematic racism and inequality so that our youth have a safe space and opportunity for education and a platform for their voice to be heard.  “We the people…..” is for every human being.
PHASE 4 is proud of our students who organized and marched peacefully to stand for what is right; what is just; what is at the core of American values, the freedom to be heard.  


PHASE 4 was founded on differences. We see differences as being essential for society; for America ; for each of us to grow and appreciate diversity.  We don’t see color:  We see our future.

Terrie Suica-Reed

Founder, President, CEO

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