Outcomes & Components

PHASE 4 strives to make the time each student spends with us “the best part of their day”.  We accomplish this in a variety of methods, and are consistently working to enhance and improve our programming that all students may benefit.

PHASE 4 believes strongly in encouraging our students to attend school every day, have fun while learning and growing as young adults, and plan and coordinate for their respective futures.

– Increase attendance.
– Increase academic performance.
– Increase literacy and numeracy skills.
– Address social and behavioral challenges.
– Reduce dropout rates.
– Increase graduation rates.
– Improve work readiness and job placement.
– Increase parental Involvement with students.

– Certified educators.
– Certified behavioral staff.
– A structured counseling and mentorship program.
– Teacher-led project-based learning that leads to differentiated instruction.
– Technology-based curriculum aligned to Pennsylvania State Standards with direct instruction.
– One-on-one instructional support.
– Career exploration for future preparation in post-secondary education, employment, and military service.
– Outreach services for students and their families through strong community partnerships.