International Tech Clubhouse and Best Buy Present the Kudos Award to PHASE 4

Dr. Bill Dickinson and Aaron McKinnon represented PHASE 4 Learning Center, Inc. at the Best Buy Teen Tech Center/International Technology Clubhouse Conference held April 10-12, 2018 in San Antonio, TX.  This conference is an annual gathering of representatives from 19 countries and 100+ programs/non-profits who host a Best Buy Teen Tech Center or Tech Clubhouse.

At this year’s conference, International Tech Clubhouse Executive Director, Gail Breslow presented PHASE 4 Learning Center, Inc. with the International Tech Clubhouse and Best Buy Kudos Award.  The Kudos Award was presented to PHASE 4 for its Clubhouse to Career/College (C2C) program.  Breslow cited the C2C program, as well as services we provide to our youth to help them earn their high school diploma, receive counseling and mentoring, and explore career plans.

This award is a direct result of all the work we as a team complete for PHASE 4, as well as the hard work and dedication of  the Pittsburgh Clubhouse / Best Buy Teen Tech Center coordinator, Aaron McKinnon.

Thank you, Aaron, for your commitment to our program participants, to the C2C Program, to the Pittsburgh Clubhouse / Best Buy Teen Tech Center, and to PHASE 4 Learning Center.  You have played a pivotal role in PHASE 4’s outreach and expansion, as well as coordinating the efforts to achieve the outcomes needed from the Clubhouse to be considered for the Best Buy Teen Tech Center.

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