November 28, 2017 “Day of Giving”

On this Day of Giving, November 28, 2017, I respectfully ask for your support to continue PHASE 4’s work with the region’s at-risk populations.

As a 501 (c)(3) non-profit founded in 2003, PHASE 4 Learning Center has worked with nearly 15,000 at-risk individuals and their families by providing educational programs that lead to a high school diploma and career preparation/training leading to a productive future.  PHASE 4 serves a population that is most at-risk for failure in life; however, PHASE 4 continues to exceed expected results.

PHASE 4 has a 98% graduation rate for those high school seniors eligible for their diploma and has a 100% placement rate of graduates:  10% US Military; 40% higher education; 50% employment.

PHASE 4 offers the following programs in the Pittsburgh region:

Alternative Education Program (AEDY) – students grades 6-12 who need an alternative to the traditional middle and high school setting

Diploma Retrieval Program (DRP) – individuals who have withdrawn from school yet want to return to earn their high school diploma and develop career path plans

Mentoring Program – offers ex-offenders a chance to acclimate to society and strengthen their job skills, thereby decreasing the recidivism rate

General, Entrepreneurship, Manufacturing and Security (P4GEMS) Program – training for dislocated workers to reconnect to a new career path

3 Rivers Clubhouse – an international after-school program that connects youth in a global basis through the use of technology

Best Buy Teen Tech Center – chosen by Best Buy as the only Teen Tech Center in Pennsylvania to join 16 others nationwide, this program is over-the-top technology for youth and young adults that leads to various careers

Learn and Earn – a summer youth-employment program in the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County

STEAM – provides Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math activities to in-school and out-of-school youth

Summer School – courses offered at two Pittsburgh-based PHASE 4 locations to help individuals make-up credits

March2Success/ASVAB Tutoring – tutoring and training for those interested in serving in the U.S. Military

PHASE 4 is a model program for the National Drop-out Prevention Center/Network; has maintained full Middle States Accreditation since 2006; is the largest Private School in Western PA per Pittsburgh Business Times for the last eight consecutive years; is partnered with school districts, businesses, state agencies, community services and the U.S. Military to help all those individuals who have – for one reason or another – become “disconnected” in education, career, or society in general.

I respectfully ask that on this Day of Giving, Tuesday November 28, 2017, you consider giving to PHASE 4 Learning Center, Inc. in order to continue our mission and achieve much-needed results.

For more information, visit or contact me by phone at 724.462.1241.

Thank you!


Terrie Suica-Reed

Founder, President & CEO


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