PHASE 4 Partners with Horses With Hope

PHASE 4 Learning Center has a unique opportunity to partner with Horses With Hope for a six-week, Equine-Assisted Learning program.  Horses With Hope was founded in 2007 by Anne Davis and offers therapeutic riding services to many individuals.  Through a grant acquired by Horses With Hope, PHASE 4 students now have an opportunity to attend Equine Assisted Learning  classes at the Horses with Hope’s 95 acre facility.


Currently, PHASE 4 students are attending the inaugural sessions.  Students gather together as a group and discuss issues such as Respect, Honesty, Integrity, and Responsibility.  They then have an opportunity to work directly with horses as a way of reinforcing what they discussed.  After working with the horses, the students gather in a group again and write in their journals about what they are feeling and how the day has impacted them.  They are given a small short writing assignment as homework to share with the group the following week.




PHASE 4 Learning Center is very grateful to Anne Davis and Horses With Hope for this wonderful opportunity and we hope to continue this partnership in the future.



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