Alternative Education Program (AEDY)

The PHASE 4 Alternative Education (AEDY) Program serves at-risk students from grades 6 – 12, addressing the academic, social, behavioral, and future needs of each individual student. Enrolled students from multiple districts attend classes at PHASE 4 centers to complete required high school coursework.

Basic Components of the AEDY Program:

  • One-on-one instructional support, mentoring, and counseling for students
  • Ten-to-one student to teacher ratio
  • Computer-assisted, Pennsylvania Department of Education-aligned curriculum
  • Strong community partnerships and stakeholder relationships
  • Outreach services for students and their families
  • Employment training, internships, and higher education preparation

The PHASE 4 Alternative Education (AEDY) Program operates in our Brentwood and East Liberty locations in Southwestern Pennsylvania, and our Harrisburg Mall location in Eastern Pennsylvania.

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