PHASE 4 Learning Center recognizes the disparities in education quality and the lack of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) programming to which minorities and low income youth have access.  Without access to STEAM programming, these students tend to fall behind on math and science scores, which limits their chance for STEAM careers.

PHASE 4 STEAM (P4STEAM) was created to expose under-served youth to various STEAM related projects, educational paths and job opportunities. As part of the program, 60 youth at our two Pittsburgh locations, participated in science activities, field trips, college panels, and video game design.

Starting with an ice breaker activity with a Rube Goldberg focus, youth were tasked to “make” something happen. The purpose was to have them critically think and problem solve using their design skills and begin to get immersed in the thought process of STEM; that is, understanding that it’s not going to be right the first time, or the second.  And learning to accept that failure is a part of the success, while having fun doing it.



They also were a part of a college presentation where they learned about possible STEAM fields and careers and about the college process as a whole.

Using Raspberry Pi 3.0, the students learned about offensive security.  The only way to truly test a company’s security is to put the systems and policies through their paces. Offensive Security is all about finding possible points of failure before the bad guys find them first.

They then were able to use Pi 3.0 for more relatable projects such as video game design where they used an emulator to physically build and design the controls to make the game work.  The follow up was to actually build a full size arcade game station that is fully functional.